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Green Office

  • We use low-radiation Digital X-rays
  • We only use mercury-free dental materials. We only use composite (tooth-colored) fillings that are durable and natural looking. All partials are metal free unless requested by patient.
  • Only Latex-free gloves used in office
  • Sensor-operated water faucets in each operatory.
  • Central vacuum that uses no water.
  • Energy-efficient all-in-one washer and dryer.
  • We provide both hand towels and recycled paper towels in restrooms.
  • Recycling of plastic used in office.
  • Recycling printer toner cartridges.
  • Paperless office. Use of virtual office system for patient charting, billing, and radiography.
  • Digital office newsletter.
  • Intra oral cameras in every operatory. Images shown on tv monitor and can be emailed to patient.
  • Our office layout maximizes natural light to decrease energy usages.
  • Appointment reminders are sent via email and text message saving paper usage.
  • Indoor plants are placed around the office, removing pollutants from the air by absorbing these gases through their leaves and roots.
  • We utilize a programmable thermostat.
  • We installed a UV protectant and heat resistance window tinting. Enhances comfort without the drawback of losing natural light associated with traditional reflective and tinted films. Reduces ultra violet light, which amounts to 40% of the causes of fading in furnishings. Ultraviolet rays, otherwise known as UV rays, can also cause damage to the eyes and skin.
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